Oka Road Project Volunteers

Oka Road Maintenance and Erosion Control Volunteer (ORMECV): The ORMECV will complement the community think-tank’s ongoing efforts to grade Oka roads by ensuring that hotspots and flood-prone areas are effectively managed and maintained. The team will work 4 times weekly, including on the community market days. It was agreed that each volunteer for a start, would receive an allowance of #3,000.00 monthly (USD$7.00), amounting to #18,000.00 (USD$43.00) for the 6 pioneer volunteers.

Rural Watch Africa Initiative (RUWAI), volunteered to pay for one month’s allowance of volunteers and donated some safety kits (5 pieces of reflective jackets and 5 helmets) worth #50,000 Nairas in addition to some technical assistance being provided by RUWAI.