Uche Isieke

Uche Isieke


Uche Isieke is an advocate for rural resilience, livelihood systems, and inclusion. He is quite passionate about the rural people, their environment, social and economic well-being. His rich professional experience in community development has impacted over 20,000 rural populace in more than 10 communities in Nigeria, through his various initiatives targeted at the poor and marginalized groups.

Uche had initiated the "Digitize My Community Initiative" as a means of digitally repositioning rural communities for sustainable development, and to be a voice to the unheard poor, and the marginalized.

As a brilliant Environmentalist, he has consulted, volunteered, and managed transformative projects targeted at improving the lives and livelihoods of the grassroots, including the SUTBC project and others.

Uche is the Executive Director of Rural Watch African Initiative (RUWAI), a nonprofit committed to strengthening the production and protective resilience of the vulnerable rural communities whose livelihoods are being threatened as a result of ecological degradation, worsened by human errors and climate change.

Uche's core expertise is on rural resilience, livelihood systems, sustainable financing for social initiatives, and climate change adaptation. His mentorship program for youth, on community service and climate action, has so far, inspired and transformed over 200 young Nigerians, now leading as change agents in their local communities.

He served as assistant project director, and also, the head, media publicity, and strategy Stand Up To Be Counted project in 2016, where he made tremendous and excellent impacts which led to the successful implementation of the project.

Uche also served as Assistant Country Consultant of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification Land Degradation Neutrality Targets Setting Programme, Nigeria, and also a digital media consultant to the UNCCD, Nigeria secretariat.

Uche also served in the high-level technical national working group that developed Nigeria’s Land Degradation Neutrality voluntary targets in 2017/18.

He is a member of the National Working Group on Access to Finance, of African Initiative for Combating Desertification to Strengthen Resilience to Climate Change in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

As an innovative advocate of climate action, his brilliant articles, publications, and interviews in local and international media have received commendations from highly respected individuals and groups.

Uche belongs to over ten professional groups and has attended several training and workshops both locally and internationally in relevant areas.

He is a nominee for the United Nations Indigenous Fellowship Programme, Geneva, Switzerland.