Oka Road Partnership

On Wednesday, 13th of July, the RUWAI team led by the ED Uche Isieke received a royal welcome from the Palace of His Royal Highness, Arutumibe De II of the Oka ancient kingdom, Eze B. N Ohalete. The King expressed his happiness for a productive partnership his community has enjoyed with Rural Watch Africa Initiative (RUWAI) for the past years.

A recent partnership with the community established Oka Road Maintenance and Erosion Control Volunteers (ORMECV). The goal is to prevent land/road damage and contribute to the movement of people, goods, and agricultural activities which increases the local economy and livelihood. Construction of a two-bedroom apartment for an indigent family whose former house was burned down in a fire accident. And creating new businesses impacting over 2000 community members.

We are committed to promoting sustainable partnerships for inclusive community development. Our investment in the community has been an impactful and measurable one.