We are a team of passionate people willing to make a difference in the world. Using our skills and
talents to make positive impacts in the lives of rural dwellers and several communities.


RUWAI boasts a diverse and passionate team of dedicated individuals. Our team comprises agriculture, community development, environmental conservation experts, and more. Their deep knowledge and unwavering commitment bring transformative change to rural communities across Nigeria and the world. We are united by a shared vision of creating sustainable and equitable development and work tirelessly to make that vision a reality

Uche Isieke is responsible for providing strategic guidance, managing organizational operations, and ensuring the effective implementation of RUWAI's programs and initiatives. As the founder of RUWAI, Uche brings his visionary leadership and expertise to drive the organization forward.
Uche Isieke
Executive Director
Bala Gukut oversees RUWAI's activities related to restoration, sustainable food systems, and livelihood development. He provides guidance on agricultural practices, promotes sustainable farming techniques, and supports the implementation of income-generating projects.
Bala Gukut
Director of Restoration, Food Systems, and Livelihoods
Tobias Ukeh plays a key role in managing and coordinating RUWAI's natural beekeeping program. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities related to beekeeping training, hive establishment, honey production, and market linkages for beekeepers.
Tobias Ukeh
Beekeeping Program Coordinator
Maria Ransome brings her wealth of experience in driving RUWAI's digital media communications. Her work effectively and consistently builds and engages our online community and strengthens our advocacy programs.
Maria Ransome
Digital Designs and Social Media
Tammy Abia focuses on the welfare and well-being of vulnerable individuals, particularly children. She ensures that RUWAI's interventions address the specific needs of children and coordinates activities related to education, health, and child protection.
Tammy Abia
Humanitarian and Children Care Officer
Emmanuel Ihezue leads RUWAI's agricultural extension services program, which aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of farmers. He oversees the provision of extension services, farmer training, and the dissemination of best practices in sustainable agriculture.
Emmanuel Ihezue
Agric-Extension Services Program Lead