Incomes for Rural Youths through Beekeeping

The project is for the creation of an income opportunity through beekeeping for 25 selected unemployed youths in rural communities in Imo. The primary aim of the project is to improve the economic condition of the youth living in rural communities who are unemployed.

100 Legacy Fruit Trees to Climate Action

There is a deficit in rainfall and water supply as well as increase in heat which is aggravating desertification. The local people who rely on land for farming now finds it difficult to farm due to degradation. The school garden where student use for agriculture are facing serious decrease in production.

Empowerment for Nigerian Rural Women

The Seed to Wealth Empowerment for Rural Women provides technical support, volunteer agroforestry extension workers, seedling, improved crop varieties livestock, alternative livelihood skills acquisition as well as startup packages for 100 women and girls.

Fire Victims Recovery Campaign

The project will provide a safety plan for a household of 6, enhance agricultural production through pollination and preservation of biodiversity, and provide water supply to over 50 households.

Protection Of Rural Schooll Pupils Through Improved Infrastrutures

The project seeks to promote a healthy and sustainable learning environment for rural primary pupils and schools in Nigeria, where infrastructures such as improved learning classrooms, toilets and water facilities are lacking.